Real Estate

Hawaiʻi's environment is unique, and real estate touches everyone, reaching beyond the  land to affect water rights, air rights, view planes and even Native Hawaiian cultural and customary rights.  As a law firm concentrating in all areas of real estate, we assist clients in such matters as:

  •   Addressing encroachment and boundary issues
  •  Resolving commercial or residential landlord-tenant issues
  • Establishing condominium property regimes and subdivision
  • Representing home owners’ associations or individual members
  • Addressing land title issues, including quiet title claims, defects in title and Native Hawaiian rights
  • Providing accurate and timely information to the real estate industry through a Legal Assistance Hotline program and general counsel program for Realtors® and other real estate licensees
  • And more…

In addressing our clients’ concerns, we work closely with other attorneys with specific expertise, such as land use, taxation, appraisals, property inspections and complex real estate litigation, through a consortium we call KUKUNAOKALĀ.  It is our goal to assemble the best professional team to work for you.